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WHY I elected to give my stories to the National Enquirer:

08/01/2015 - Dr. V Hufnagel

In the past they have always been honest and truthful on reporting my work. I have seen the lies and fraud by other publishers. I have seen the fear of some to publish the truth and instead support the status quoi.

I had to take Polygram to verify my story at the Enquirer. Even when you know you are telling the truth, the Polygram is an unpleasant ordeal.  I am working to save the lives of women and improve their conditions and the Enquirer is a national paper read by some 5 million. I want to reach out to the many.

One of my radio projects is to interview Nobel Prize winners. I interviewed Dr. Barry Marshall  and I am providing to you to listen to and the newsletter for that interview.  I could not get proper press and media because of extreme dysfunction of WBAI (another story).

Barry Marshall is a geek. He is not just a physician but truly a scientist. He thinks and lives science. In medicine the majority are trapped by their own outdated belief systems. In this case the medical establishment was trapped to the point of fanaticism that no bacteria could grow in an acid environment (stomach).

It was Dr. Marshall who found bacteria growing in gastrointestinal ulcers. For 15 years he worked hard and diligently to educate the medical community on his findings on. Marshall had laboratory data and photographs of the bacteria. No one believed him. They believed that acid prevented the growth of bacteria. Few dare to expose the shadow side of medicine. After years of struggle difficulty, disappointment after disappointment Barry was pushed over the edge. He took the petri dishes in his lab where he was growing the bacteria that created the ulcers and swallowed them.

What?    What the hell?

Why didn’t I hear about this. Of course because he was a scientist and he was correct he became seriously ill from the bacteria attacking his G.I. tract and he proved he was correct but at risk to his own life. This is a major scientific breakthrough. Remember while Dr. Marshall is explaining bacteria can grow in an acid environment and the medical establishment is ridiculing him there was other news in science that medical doctors were not listening to at the time. Bacteria where found in the ice and in the hot lava water showing that life adapts to extreme conditions.

Dr. Marshall changed medicine in our care and treatment of ulcers.

Why have you not heard the story?  I was the first medical reporter in the US to interview Barry on the entirety of his struggles to get his science known to the world. The only paper the only publication that remarkable story was the National Enquirer! It was the National Enquirer article that the Nobel Prize committee learned about Dr. Barry Marshall and gave him the Nobel Prize in medicine.My encounter with Barry and his staff gave me hope that someday my work to change women’s medicine will become practice. I thank Barry, his staff, his wife, his partner, Jill at Penn State  and all those that stood by him for years those long years of strife.

You can listen to my interview of Dr. Barry Marshall here and get the newsletter I wrote that was to go to all listeners at WBAI. Click here for more information ( Dr.Marshall and the Nobel Prize).